This is Valley Ministries and IT.

We were established as a company in September 2010.

With over 30 years of professional IT experience ranging from machine-coded VIC-20 computers through to the largest IBM mainframes, we have a wealth of experience in all manner of solutions for the IT needs of business and personal users. Keeping pace with modern technology, we’ve transitioned to cloud computing. Valley established a number of small ‘cottage industry’ N-scale model railway retailers on the internet to broaden their market penetration and reach. Having exited that market, we are moving to new fields.

We have also provided Reformed, Protestant, Evangelical Christian ministry and pastoral services however this service is currently on hold to enable our principal, the Reverend Glenn Farrell, time to pastor his own congregation of 4: his beautiful wife and 3 gorgeous daughters, while also developing Valley’s newest products.

Product Development

Valley is presently developing two new products:

Firstly is the DRIVE iOS app. This innovative app assists train drivers with their already-established route knowledgeicon-app-57x571x with forthcoming speed boards and locations, as well as providing constant chainage for that line. When control asks “what is your mileage”, you will no longer have to answer “standby while I watch for a peg”. DRIVE is currently in early beta. We hope to release the NSW ‘Short South’ (Macarthur to Goulburn and return) by Christmas 2016.

Secondly is the ‘ValleyMATE’ cloud software suite which is being developed to assist smaller rail operators manage their fatigue rostering, general rostering, qualifications and crewing. Written in Ruby on Rails, ValleyMATE is progressing steadily but has taken a back seat while we get version 1.0 of DRIVE to market.